How to Sell Your House In 30 Days Without An Agent

Even in the best economy, selling a house can be a frustrating and time consuming process: not only do you have to get your house appraised and inspected, but you might also have to get it repaired for it to be competitive and then, even with a good real estate agent, you remain at the mercy of the market. In times of need, that process can go from frustrating to stressful really fast.

Home Cash Guys, a Philadelphia-based real estate solutions company, seeks to streamline that process by working one-on-one with homeowners and offering them cash for homes, without a realtor, fees or the need for any repairs. All you need to do is visit this website and fill out their offer form. Shortly, one of their employees will contact you to gather additional information and, either directly on the phone or after a scheduled viewing of your property, they will make you an offer. And needless to say, should you not like the offer, you are under no obligation whatsoever; you remain free to accept or reject it. If you do accept, however, depending on your situation, they might be able to close the deal within 30 days.

They are interested in all kinds of properties, from mansions in mint condition to commercial buildings and apartment complexes to run down houses in desperate need of repair. It doesn’t matter if you are a landlord tired of dealing with renters, if you need to sell your house fast due to divorce, family death or job relocation or if you have simply been unsuccessful trying to sell your house with an agent, all you need to do is go online and fill out a form. Feel free to click here and read some testimonials vouching for their service and good luck with the selling of your property.

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